Maple Syrup Half Gallon


Half Gallon (64 oz) jug of 100% pure Vermont maple syrup.

Available in Dark Amber, Vermont Fancy, and Medium Amber.

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Best Maple Syrup?
We’re often asked which grade of Maple Syrup is the best. In our sugarhouse we offer free samples because our reply is always “the one you like.” There’s no difference in quality only a matter of personal taste. The grade names simply refer to the color and intensity of flavor.


Grade Name Changes
Maple Syrup grade names, colors, and flavor standards have changed in the last five years. The easiest explanation is that except for Fancy/Golden Delicate, the new grades are all darker in color and stronger in flavor than the old ones.


Although we’re now being required to use the new grade labels, we’re still grading and bottling our syrup according to the old familiar traditional standards.


Previous names are on the left, new ones on the right:


* Vermont Fancy        “Golden Delicate”    Unique light delicate flavor with honey or vanilla notes


Fancy will always be Fancy, and folks who prefer it don’t seem to want anything else. Put it in the freezer to thicken, then pour it over your ice cream (or yogurt if you’re trying to be good.) Use it as a substitute for simple syrup in your Margaritas, Mojitos, or Sour cocktails.


* Medium Amber               “Amber Rich”           Our most popular table syrup is buttery and mapley


Ours is the same smooth golden buttery Medium Amber flavor we’ve always produced. The new “Amber Rich” may now include the lighter half of the old Grade A Dark Amber and be a little darker and stronger. No one wants an unhappy customer, so please ask if you’re window shopping, because you won’t know from the label if it tastes more like the old Grade A Medium or new Amber Rich.


* Dark Amber                   “Dark, Robust”       Our Dark has a deeper rich caramel color and flavor


The new “Dark Robust” is made up of the darker half of the old Dark Amber and all of what used to be known as Grade B, which we always described as having almost a molasses flavor and referred to as cooking syrup.  


Our caramelly Dark is a close second in popularity to our Medium Amber for table syrup, and not as strong as the old Grade B. It’s delicious in your coffee, on your roasted veggies, and makes great cocktails, delicious salad dressings, sauces, and baked goods.


If you’re looking for the old Grade B, ask the producer or packager how strong their “Dark Robust” is, or contact us and ask for “cooking syrup.” Grade B was often referred to as “Maple Molasses” and great for baking, granola, marinades, & BBQ. Some folks like it for table syrup, but it wouldn’t be the first choice for most.


“Very Dark Strong”
We don’t make it, and wouldn’t recommend it unless you need an intensely flavored ingredient for manufacturing another food product. For flavor and quality assurance request a sample.

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Vermont Fancy/Golden Delicate, Medium Amber/Amber Rich, Dark Amber/Dark Robust